Santi’s 7th Birthday Party


My son turned seven last October.

Here in the Philippines, it’s tradition to have a celebration when the child turns one, three, and seven. I’m not exactly sure why but I have my theories. I believe we celebrate the child’s first birthday because well – it’s the first 🙂 We then celebrate the third birthday because it’s a way of saying goodbye to babyhood. And finally, we celebrate the seventh birthday because – before the Philippines adopted the K-12 educational system – children were seven years old when they went to Grade 1. So it’s a way of saying goodbye to the carefree, laidback days of the early childhood years.

And we did just that when Santi was one, three, and now seven. We were on our own for his seventh birthday financially. Unlike the first and the third birthdays, there were no more grandfathers who gave us extra cash for the celebration and  grandmothers who volunteered to help out in the kitchen.

So we decided to have his celebration at a place with a birthday party package. Hotels with party packages were definitely out of the question. Their party packages were equivalent to three months’ worth of salary!!

There were fast food chains that offered party packages but my son didn’t really gravitate towards the themes. The only theme he warmed up to was the Hot Wheels theme which only a specific pizza place offered.

A month before the party, we visited the place and got the Hot Wheels party package. The party package included the venue, decorations, invites, party hosting, loot bags, and of course food. I wasn’t satisfied with the invitations that came with the party package. So I created this Hot Wheels invitation.


I also created Thank You cards that I tied with a gold string to the loot bags. This is how the card looked like.

Thank You Card

If you’re interested in having these personalized for your son’s party, please send me a message at my Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest accounts.


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