Mother’s Day 2018 Free Printables


Unless you’re someone who has found a reliable housekeeper or nanny, most moms feel anything but the Queen of the home. We feel more like the yaya.

“Mama, I’m hungry.”

“Mom, can you wash my butt?” (said after pooping, naturally)

“Nanay, can you please prepare snacks for my friends?”

And we respond to each request in our trademark ways.

The Supermom: “What do you want to eat today? I can cook it for you from scratch. Homemade food is always better, cheaper and much more nutritious! So it’s good for you. Nothing but the best for my child.”

The Sermon-in-the-Mount Mom: “You’re already seven years old! When are you going to learn to wash your own butt? You’re at the age when you’re supposed to be doing your hygiene tasks on your own. You have to already be self-reliant!”

The Cash-Strapped Mom:  “Snacks? Tell them they’ll only have snacks every Saturday in this house. Besides, our money is only enough for your books, uniform, school stuff and enrollment for this new school year.”

There are other types of moms of course. There’s the Mom-Who-Watches-Too-Many-Teleseryes who sometimes blurs the line between reality and well, teleserye. There’s the Tiger Mom, a term from Amy Chua’s bestselling novel “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mom” that’s used to describe mothers who use strict rules, tough love, and discipline to get children to succeed.

But no matter which type of Mom you are and even if you may feel like a ‘dakilang yaya’ most of the time, hold your head up high Mom, Mama or Nanay! Even though our children may not acknowledge it often, we know that we are the Queens of their lives.

So remember to use that power with care. Everything we are and everything we do have profound effects on our children’s lives. It’s good to attend parenting seminars and workshops but I believe that everything we need to be the kind of Queens our kids deserve is guidance from the One above. so pray constantly, read the Bible, and reach out to like-minded Moms who has the same values and ideals.

To end my post, here’s the Mothers_Day_2018  freebie that I promised you. I hope you the planner and stickers make you feel more like a queen as you organize your weeks ahead.







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