Free Grade 1 Nouns Worksheets

Here’s a treat to English teachers out there and parents who want to reinforce the lessons on Nouns at home. I created this set during the first few months of the school year when my son was learning about nouns. You probably won’t be able to use it until the new school year comes along. So just feel free to come back and download these free sheets anytime you need to. If you have co-teachers who are interested, please send them the link to my blog. I could really use the traffic to my blog site and letting individuals download the files for themselves will really help. So instead of giving them copies and printouts, please ask them to check out 🙂

Download your Gr 1 Nouns Worksheets here.


Free Grade 1 Math Worksheets

While going through my computer files, I came across these worksheets that I made for my son’s home practice. Math is one subject where daily practice really goes a long way. These Printables by Jan worksheets were created during the first part of the school year. As the months passed, I didn’t have as much time to create worksheets for him. Hopefully though, you could put these Printables by Jan worksheets to good use.


Download your free Ordinals worksheets.

Download your free Grade 1 Tens and Ones Worksheets.

Download your free Grade 1 Comparing Numbers Worksheets.